Manual Nanostroking® Workbook


Manual Nanostroking® Workbook

Created by Aleksandra Maniuse

Perfect for Microblading, Manual, and Machine Technique Beginners.

Also great for artists willing to advance their knowledge.
Sixty-eight pages of knowledge and practice. High-quality images.

- Brow Mapping
- Color theory
- Needles and Pigments 
- Newest Templates
- Treatment step by step
- After Care
- And more.. 

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I have created the Manual Nanostroking® technique to help fellow artists perfect pixelated and crisp stroke results. Many microblading artists would like to switch to a machine technique but are so used to the manual tool. Manual Nanostroking is a perfect transition from Microblading to Nano Brows technique. The technique without a “sweet spot”. The technique is perfect for sensitive skin. The technique that always heals beautifully.

Aleksandra Maniuse

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