The Art Of Color

An Essential Guide for Color Theory

Welcome to "The Art of Color" – an essential guide designed specifically for the world of cosmetic tattoo artists. This guide is a comprehensive journey into the vibrant and nuanced realm of colors and pigments, tailored to the unique demands of cosmetic tattooing.

Dive into detailed discussions about the interplay of colors and skin types, with a particular focus on the Fitzpatrick skin type classification. This classification system is crucial for understanding how pigments interact with different skin tones, a fundamental aspect of achieving desired results in cosmetic tattooing.

The "Art of Color" is not just informative but also visually stunning. It features an array of beautiful images that bring the theory of skin and color to life.




Topics Covered

Editable Canva Template

One of the book’s highlights is its inclusion of comprehensive color swatching charts for artists to create their own pigment swathes. These charts are invaluable tools for both novice and seasoned artists.

What Is Inside The Art Of Color?

  • Introduction to Color Theory

  • The Role of Skin Tones

  • Fitzpatrick Types

  • Understanding Skin types

  • Pigment Composition

  • Reach Compliance

  • Organic, Inorganic & Hybrid Compounds

  • Lightfastness

  • Understanding Color Correction 

  • Using Modifiers in Permanent Makeup

  • Swatching Charts

Level Up Your Color and Pigment Theory Knowledge


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  • This E-Book is 100% editable in Canva.

  • You can access the e-book as many times as you like for as long as you like and, you can print it either in Canva or as PDF

  • Take the template, amend it and make it your own!

Having been in the cosmetic tattoo industry for over a decade, I've read numerous guides and attended several workshops, but this color guide stands out. It's comprehensive and detailed and has refined my understanding of pigments in a way no other resource has. Highly recommend!

Patrick Lee


    59 reviews

$19.70$39.00  - 49% OFF  
  • This is downloadable E-book in pdf format


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